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Serene Hike in the Heights of Batroun

Looking for a hiking trail that:

Makes a pleasant nature escape without leaving your muscles soar for days?

Is quiet and serene, i.e. you would only hear the sound of birds chirping?

Has not been invaded, abused, and on everyone’s instagram feed yet?

I have the perfect trail for you.


In the beautiful region of Nahlah/Bechtoudar, North Lebanon.

Bechtoudar – Deir Mar Yaacoub

How to get there

From Beirut, reach Batroun and take the Tannourine highway towards the village of Douma. What you should be looking for is Deir Mar Yaacoub in Bechtoudar, which is located between the villages of Nahlah and Bchaaleh. (Click on short URL below to access the map!)


Park your car in the Deir and start your trek right there!

About the trail

The trail is easily accessible as there’s a road already carved in nature, which can lead up to the village of Bchaaleh. It’s easy to walk, not too steep, and offers beautiful views over the northern mountains of Lebanon.

Along the way, you will see abandoned houses, many types of trees and birds, and amazing views over the North of Lebanon.


The trail has many ramifications, which are nice to explore and do not fail to delight the eyes.

What’s also great about it is that it’s easily adaptable to all levels. Suitable for moderate hikers while also offering some challenges for the more advanced, like small summits to climb, or the higher summit of Qal3it Al Hosn, which was formerly a Roman fortress. More proof of the Roman presence includes writings and coins that you might find on your way if you’re lucky enough!

Getting lost.
Qal3it el Hosn

About the region

Bechtoudar is located right next to the lovely village of Douma, which can be reached by foot through the newly asphalted road for those who wish to extend their trek, or by car. With its red-tiled houses, its gorgeous architecture, and its cute little souk, Douma is a must-do!


Don’t miss the village of Bchaaleh on your way where you can find the oldest olive trees in Lebanon, dating circa 4,000 years back.

Olive trees of Bchaaleh

Things to do around

What’s better than a delicious glass of wine to reward yourself after your hike? Only minutes away by car, Sept Winery is the newly launched winery in the village of Nahlah and my favorite by far. With breathtaking views over the region of Batroun, the winery welcomes you warmly to offer you a taste of its vineyard’s biodynamic wines as well as other wines from different Lebanese terroirs!

(Check Sept Winery on google maps to get there or simply call 70-570170 for more info)

PS: For those looking for a more difficult hike, ask about the shepherd road that can be taken from Nahlah to reach Bechtoudar. Maher at Sept Winery is your best person to ask!

Sunset at Sept Winery.

Where to Sleep

If you’re planning to spend the night, I would recommend no else than Beit Douma for the warmest guesthouse experience in the North of Lebanon. You can check the guesthouse and book your room here.