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Nahr el Joz – A breath of life.

I love Batroun obviously, but can you blame me? This beautiful town in the North of Lebanon is where you want to spend every weekend, whether lying on its shore or lost somewhere in its mountains.

This weekend, my nature escape was to Nahr el Joz (walnut river) 11km up from the city of Batroun. Originating from two springs above Tannourine, the 30km long river lined with walnut trees flows its way into the sea, offering along the way magical scenery and beautiful old water mills and bridges.


The hike along the banks of the river is simply wonderful in Spring, and here’s why:
– Nature is shining in all its yellow, pink, purple and green colors, making the walk a true delight.
– The water flows so vigorously at this time of the year that the sound it makes is overwhelming. Take the time to pause during your hike, close your eyes and enjoy the beautiful relaxing sound of nature.
– The weather is just perfect, not too cold, not too hot. Exactly what you need to enjoy a refreshing morning walk!

nahr el joz-notesofatraveler

nahr el joz hike-notesofatraveler


nahr el joz-bridge-notesofatraveler

hikinh-nah el joz-notesofatraveler

How tiny are we?
How tiny are we?

How to get there: take the road from Batroun upwards, passing by Kfarhalda and Beit Chlela (don’t forget to stop on the way to see the waterfalls of Kfarhalda!).

Tips: the area offers so much to see like the beautiful town of Douma that’s very close to the river and where you can unwind after your hike and grab a bite somewhere.

Happy Spring!