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Marse, my 2016 coup-de-coeur guesthouse.

Anchored on the shores of Anfeh, in the North of Lebanon, “Marse” (a transliteration of the word “harbor” or “anchorage” from the Arabic), is the cutest little guesthouse I stayed in this summer.

Strategically located in “ta7t el ri7” (the little Greece in Lebanon, Anfeh), few meters behind “Chez Fouad”, Marse reincarnates the blue and white sea life of Anfeh in the homiest and warmest bed & breakfast setting.

Entering “Marse”, a traditional “arch” structure and stone walls welcome you to make you feel straight at home. The entrance, connected with the TV room, is surrounded by 3 bedrooms left and right. The eyes set directly on the intricately worked details that decorate every corner, table, and wall, impressed by the handmade work of the Foz sisters who own and manage the place.

Welcome to Marse
Get comfortable in your TV room

It’s obvious that while putting their hearts and passion for interior design into their guesthouse, the sisters were thinking about building an “eco-friendly” space like no other. If you can’t find the items of Marse anywhere else, it’s because their design exists nowhere but in the creative minds of Zeina & Nicole who manage to make of recycled and upcycled objects and material outstanding decorative pieces.

Marse’s cute details
A message wall. How cute is that?

But Marse is not only about fresh and funky design, it’s mainly about the beautiful soul and generosity of the sisters. You’ll never feel for a moment that you’re a guest, which makes Marse so special. Zeina will hand you the keys of the guesthouse and leave, telling you that your breakfast  – a very sumptuous one – will be served at 9am and that she’s a call away if you ever need her. Suddenly, you’re home, enjoying the wide variety of amenities, from the fully-equipped bar to the kitchen, the games, the free wifi, and all the little entertaining details the girls have so thoughtfully considered.

You’re simply home away from home, in one of Lebanon’s most beautiful areas. Where else would you want to be?

Marse’s (open) bar
Marse’s game room

Marse is ideal for couple escapes, or even for big families or group of friends who would like to rent the whole space for themselves.

Type of rooms: 1 master, 1 double, 1 room with 4 bunk beds. (capacity: 8 in total but extra beds are available!)

The double bedroom
The bunk-bed room

Open: All year long.

Contact: 70-000425.

Marse on facebook

Marse is my coup-de-coeur guesthouse for this year and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a quiet and pleasant haven in the beautiful region of Anfeh.

Photo credits: Eliane Elias @fromtherootz