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La Maison des Sources: A Journey Back to the Roots.


Some houses have more than a story to tell, especially when they’re 200 years old. Nestled in the charming area of Ain Zhalta, facing the Chouf Cedar Reserve, La Maison des Sources has served many purposes along the years before becoming the guesthouse it is today.

lamaisondessources-notesofatraveler.comThe big property, sizing 800m2 approximately, was an instant coup-de-coeur for the two close families who decided to buy it two years ago. As if they found a common shelter for the endless moments they had spent together in Ain Zhalta, buying a traditional Lebanese house in the village was nothing but a seal to their friendship and their love for Lebanon and its cultural heritage.

traditional architecture-lamaisondessources-notesofatraveler.comNamed after the sources of water available on the estate, while also evoking the idea of a return to the roots (“retour aux sources” in French), the house, according to the local villagers, used to be a farm, then a private house, before being turned into a school and left abandoned for numerous years.

water spring-maisondessources-notesofatraveler.com
One of the water sources available on the property.

While renovation on the bought house lasted for a year, it made sure to respect the existing Lebanese traditional architecture, adapting the new interior of all rooms and spaces to it. The result came to be nothing less than mesmerizing, combining an authentic identity with a cozy and contemporary feel.


Common lounge/reception
Beautifully-lit and colorful kitchen

Spread on two floors, the eleven available rooms are designed and styled uniquely, each in its own warm and inviting way, with different sizes fitting couples or families. Apart from a common lounge, bar, and a beautiful kitchen, the guesthouse also offers a large terrace overlooking the Chouf cedar reserve. The perfect way to wake up!


Warm room blending traditional architecture with modern feel
Family suite

Although I personally enjoyed curling up inside by the fire while it was raining, the guesthouse is ideally situated to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. From hiking to biking or snowshoeing, nature is right at your doorstep to complete an enchanting escape into the Chouf area.

Activities you can do around

Historical: Ruins of the old village of Kafra, Evangelical Church, Ain Zhalta Hermitage, Old St. Nicolas Church.

Natural: Ain Zhalta Cedars, Prince Bachir Cave, Nabeh el Safa, Ain el Helaf.


 +961 70 140658/ info@lamaisondessources.com