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How to Enjoy a Weekend in Chouf

Beiteddine Palace Midan-notesofatraveler.com

The weekend is here and it’s a great opportunity to plan for an escape outside the city. One of my latest getaways in Lebanon was to Chouf, a stay that combined culture with history, nature, good food, and relaxing time. Scroll down to know more on things you can do in Chouf!

1- Have Lunch at Coara

Coara is the first vegan restaurant in Lebanon run by the lovely couple Maysoun and Walid. Born out of passion for the land, the cute restaurant in Kfar Katra serves healthy and bio food in a green and relaxing atmosphere. Discover more about it in the video below!

2- Take a Walk in Deir el Qamar

The capital of Mount Lebanon anciently, Deir el Qamar is the historical heart of Chouf. It’s very pleasant to take a walk around this UNESCO world heritage site and breathe in an impressive legacy of emirs.

3- Enjoy a Sunset Drink at Mir Amin Palace

Arrive a little bit before sunset to enjoy discovering (or rediscovering) the stunning details of this palace’s architecture and interiors. Finish your tour at the restaurant to enjoy the golden hour with amazing views over Chouf while sipping your cocktail.

4- Spend the Night at Beit el Qamar

You can never go wrong with any of the “Beit” destinations. It’s homey, it’s warm, it’s spring in every season. A burst of fresh flowers welcomes you in every room, vintage frames on the walls, books on the shelves, and a lovely garden where breakfasts and lunches are served in a wonderful setting. Beit el Qamar is the perfect destination to complete a weekend in Chouf.


5- Visit Beiteddine Palace

Built by Emir Bechir Chehab II in the 19th century, the Beiteddine Palace is a true architectural masterpiece that comprises a midan, fountains, private apartments, hammams, stunning gardens, and museums of mosaic, ethnography, and the Kamal Jumblatt museum situated on the ground floor. I cannot recommend enough this historical landmark in the heart of Chouf!

6- Hike the Chouf Cedar Reserve

For outdoor and adventure lovers, the Chouf Cedar Reserve, known as the largest natural cedar reserve in Lebanon, offers stretches of gorgeous nature to discover, with different trails and trees estimated to be 2,000 years old.

Happy weekend!