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Hiking the Tannourine Reserve – A Pure Delight.

As the season of blossoming nature arrives, the long-awaited escapades into the beautiful outdoors of Lebanon are finally back. This year, I’ve welcomed Spring with a beautiful walk in the Cedar Reserve of Tannourine, North Lebanon. For those unfamiliar with this reserve, it is interesting to know that it is the biggest cedar forest in Lebanon in terms of tree density. The reserve stretches over 750 hectares and counts around 70,000 ancient cedar trees (the oldest of which was found to be 750 years old) as well as a variety of other tree species.

Entrance of the reserve
Entrance of the reserve
the majesty and strength of a cedar tree defying time!
the majesty and strength of a cedar tree defying time!

Tannourine’s reserve offers 5 hiking trails for now, each of different difficulty level and altitude. The moderate trail we hiked today was a 4-hour beautiful walk (1,700m altitude)  offering stunning mountainous landscapes. tannourine reserve lebanon hiking-notesofatraveler

greenery as far as the eye can see!
beautiful mountainous scenery
gorgeous view over Wadi Ain el Raha!

It’s also worth mentioning that the reserve was declared an important bird area in 2006 and is home to many rare flowers. It is open in winter as well for snowshoeing trips.

How to get there from Beirut: take the highway to Jbeil, then head to Annaya past Ehmej and Laqlouq, and follow the signs to Tannourine. (45 min from Jbeil)

Tips: I recommend doing the hike with a small group of friends and getting lost in this beautiful reserve! (you won’t completely get lost as there are blue signs on the stones that will help you find your way back)

Happy Spring!