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General Alpine Mountaineering Gear List


An exhaustive list compiled for you to send you fully prepared for any hiking or backpacking trip!

Have Packed Climbing Equipment Notes
O O Backpack 4500+ cubic inches
with ice axe loops
O O Mountaineering boots Plastic doubles with inner liner
O O Hiking boots
O O Crampons 12 point step-in or strap-on
O O Anti-balling plates For crampons
O O Ice Axe 60-75cm in size
O O Alpine climbing harness Fit over all cloths and
have adjustable leg loops
O O Helmet Sized to fit over a hat
O O Carabineers At least 2 locking and 2 regular
O O Trekking Poles Optional
O O Gaiters Need to fit over
plastic boots
O O Hardshell pants and jacket Windproof & waterproof
O O Softshell pants & jacket In place of hardshell as applicable
O O Insulated Parka Large enough to fit over
all other layers. Down.
O O Wind shirt/jacket Middle layer or around town
O O Fleece/wool hat Should cover the ears
O O Balaclava/Neck warmer
O O Ball Cap
O O Modular glove system Shell and insulated layers
O O Mittens
O O Liner/fleece gloves
O O Glacier glasses 100% UV with sideshield/noseshield
O O Goggles 100% UV
O O Bandanas Bring 2
O O Light/midweight underwear Two pair tops & bottoms. No cotton.
O O Expedition weight underwear One top & bottom
O O Fleece Jacket
O O Fleece Pants
O O Liner socks 2-3 pair
O O Heavyweight socks 3 pairs, worn over liners
O O Underwear As needed for ___ days.
Camping Gear
O O Waterbottles 3 one quart bottles
O O Closed cell foam pad Full length
O O Therma-rest type pad 3/4 or full length
O O Sleeping bag -5 to 20 degree as needed,
down or synthetic
O O Compression/Stuff Sacks For sleeping bag and other uses
O O Headlamp Extra bulbs & 2 sets of fresh batteries
O O Mug, bowl, utensils Mug & bowl with lids are best.
O O Snack/lunch foods
O O Baby wipes For personal hygiene
O O Ear plugs Foam type for sleeping
O O Knife/Multi tool
O O Matches/lighter
O O Large duffel bag To pack everything in.
Check airline restrictions.
O O Sunblock/Lip balm
O O Camera/Film
O O Toiletry Kit Toothbrush, comb, etc
O O First aid kit/medications
O O Journal/Book
O O Small towel/washcloth
O O Ipod/MP3/Cards Optional
O O Plane ticket & Passport Remember to check visa requirements.
Travel/City Clothing
O O Walking shoes
O O Pants/shorts Two pairs are plenty. Khakis are versatile.
O O Shirts 2-3 for plane & city wear.