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Cycling in the North of Lebanon

I’m not really this passionate cyclist who waits for the first rays of sunlight to be out on her bike…until last Sunday, I suppose. What happened is that I decided to be part of CyclingCircle’s first ride of the year which, luckily for me, took place in my favorite part of Lebanon: the North.

Gathering on the seaside road of Amchit, next to Babel restaurant, around 50 bikers took off, destination Chekka tunnel. Besides the amazing weather this day, what made this riding day special is mainly the superb coastal scenery that lies between Amchit and Chekka. The seaside ride took more or less 3 hours, highlighted by views of turquoise water, greenery, and beautiful mountains falling into the sea, with one main stop in Mseylha Fort.

Amchit to Chekka - on the road
Amchit to Chekka – on the road
Pitstop in Mseylha Fort
Pitstop in Mseylha Fort
Destination reached: Chekka Tunnel.
Destination reached: Chekka Tunnel.
The beautiful turquoise water of Chekka
The beautiful turquoise water of Chekka

One piece of advice? Ride a bicycle more often. Here’s why:

The sense of freedom it gives you is priceless. Nothing obstructs your view, it’s you and the road beneath you, you and the wind in your hair, you and the sun in your face, just you and yourself in the wide open.

You see and feel things differently. You can actually feel that bump on the road, get a real sense of what a whole kilometer can feel like (in pedaling rate unit), have a better look at what’s around you, have the time to greet or smile to the person you just crossed path with.

You connect better with your city. You have a weird feeling to belong more to this or that city. You’re riding its streets, breathing its air, absorbing its scenery. You’re there, on the ground, present.

You exercise, which practically makes you happier. Yes, the effort makes you happier, but most importantly the feeling of achievement. And here’s where you’ll start putting yourself new goals and harder ones.

The North is definitely not the only beautiful region where you can cycle in Lebanon. For more group events of that sort, follow CyclingCircle to stay up-to-date with their regular outings. If you’re a beginner, it’s better to start with a professional group (they will also take care of renting a bike and helmet for you).

Oh, I forgot to mention that the best part of cycling in this part of Lebanon is that you get to reward yourself with a sunset drink at Pierre & Friends, and the most magical sunset view ever – exactly what I did.

My favorite sunset...
My favorite sunset…