Beit Lebbos, the Beiteddine Guesthouse.

How about sleeping in a 200-year old house and waking up to the sight of the glorious Beiteddine Palace?

Tempting enough? Then let me tell you more about one of the latest guesthouses I experienced in Beiteddine, Chouf.


You should know by now that I have a thing for guesthouses. Besides being a way to explore Lebanon’s villages, they are also the closest feel one can have of the Lebanese amazing hospitality. What can be a way more intense and authentic of discovering your country than by sharing the stories, lives, meals, and traditions of a local family or village?

Behind every guesthouse, lies the story of a family and the history of an era and a village. As old as the 19th century Beiteddine Palace itself, Beit Lebbos was the home that sheltered many Lebbos generations before one Lebbos heir decided to turn it into a guesthouse.

Sunny rooms at Beit Lebbos

After renovating the family house, Elie was ready and eager to open his doors to guests. The guesthouse was officially launched in the summer of 2018 with seven modernly revamped rooms that share a charming terrace few meters across the Beiteddine Palace.


beit lebbos
View from the guesthouse

The space mainly consists of adjacent rooms with an access to a rooftop terrace where guests can refresh in Jacuzzi dips and enjoy their breakfast, overlooking Beiteddine and the beautiful Chouf mountains.

Both the rooftop terrace and the rooms’ balcony offer as well the perfect strategic spot to enjoy the concerts of the Beiteddine yearly summer festival. Seats here are as wanted as the tickets to the festival, and you’ll have to book your room quite in advance to secure a spot! 🙂

Breakfast with a view

What also and mainly makes this guesthouse special is the warm and generous hospitality of Elie, the owner. He welcomed us with juice and coffee on the terrace, invited us to share his dinner, and made sure we were very well served and taken care of.

Beyond any aesthetics, standards or criteria, this is where lies the concept and real spirit of a guesthouse for me. It’s that feel-at-home feeling I have when I share the roof and the meal of someone, the moments and stories I exchange with him, and the new friendship I leave behind.

A morning on Beit Lebbos terrace

Things to do around

Beit Lebbos is a great starting point to explore the picturesque village of Deir el Qamar and the many attractions of Chouf, including the Beiteddine Palace facing the guesthouse, Moussa Castle, Mir Amine Palace, Moukhtara, Atelier Assaf, Baakline River, and Chouf Cedar Reserve.

The reserve is just 15 minutes away from the guesthouse and we loved spending our morning there. It offers many trails, easy and more difficult, with stunning views of nature and cedar trees.

cedar shouf
The beautiful lake at the Chouf Cedar Reserve

Notes of a Traveler Recommends

Enjoy a coffee at Qahwet el Souq, Baakline.

Have lunch at the Coara vegan restaurant in Kfar Katra.

Enjoy a morning walk at the Shouf Cedar Reserve.

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