Guita: Bed&Bloom Concept Launched in the Mountains of Akoura, Lebanon.

Nestled in the peaceful mountains of Mejdel Akoura, lives Guita. Recently born and freshly blooming, Guita is the fruit of a deeply-rooted family love for soil and agriculture coupled with a great love for sharing the beauty and richness of this land with everyone.

That’s how, from a summer house to a full-fledged guesthouse, Guita Bed & Bloom sees the light. Named after Philippe’s mother, Guita, the place sees its mission stem from the hectares of surrounding green land, but mostly from an old-time family passion for agriculture and everything related to agro-tourism.

More than a bed & breakfast, Guita offers this little extra something that makes guests feel more than just guests. Here, everything is blooming and inviting: from the fresh interiors, to the theme-colored rooms inspired by the different herbs, flowers and fruits grown around the farm, to the homey little details, the hundred-meter wide gorgeous garden, the hand-planted fruits and vegetables, the mother-made Akourian traditional dishes, and the heart-warming love for life itself.

Guita’s lovely themed rooms:

guita room1

Guita room2

guita room3

Guita’s cozy interior:

guita interior

guita salon

the little details at guita
Feels like home, right?

Guita’s gorgeous outdoors:

Relax on the upper terrace
Relax on the upper terrace…
...or in this tempting hamac
…or in this tempting hammock
... or in your favorite garden corner.
… or in your favorite garden corner.

hamac guita

Guita is simply home, from the first moment you’re in, until long after you’re out.  Most importantly, Guita is the sincere project of reviving Lebanon’s heritage and culture by celebrating its traditional cuisine, promoting its rural tourism, and reminding people of a once green and healthy Lebanon.

Besides a cozy good night sleep in the beautiful Lebanese mountainous weather, guests of Guita can enjoy:

  • A fire camp and a night under the stars

outdoor bed guita
Fancy a night under the stars?
The camp fire site
or maybe a fire at night?
  • Fresh organic produce harvested right next door

Your breakfast will look something like that...
Your breakfast will look something like that…

buffet guita

  • Relaxing group activities

Group cooking class at Guita
Group cooking class at Guita (Photo credit: Karim Sakr / @beirut_streets)
group cooking class at guita
(Photo credit: Karim Sakr / @beirut_streets)


Yoga weekend at Guita
Yoga weekend at Guita

yogua at guita2

  • Agro-tourism activities facilitated by the guesthouse 

Involving guests in daily fun tasks is a way for Guita to make them feel more at home. Whether fruit picking or farming or cooking, visitors will have the chance to learn and contribute in the revitalizing rural life, each his own way.

Guests can participate in the fun fruit picking activities that usually occur between June and October, starting with cherry picking in June, peach and plum picking in July/August, apples and walnuts in September, and apples and grapes in October. 

Farming activities are also available around the guesthouse. Guests can help with fun and light activities such as driving the tractor, cleaning the weed around the trees, ploughing the land, planting vegetables, etc.

Apple picking
Apple picking
  • Eco-tourism activities offered by the region

Akoura is known to be an ideal destination for outdoor lovers. Besides its many hiking/trekking trails, the village hosts springs as well as one the biggest and untapped caves in Lebanon, the Rweiss grotto. Caving, hiking, and river activities along the Rweiss river are the main eco-tourism activities that attract thousands of curious adventurers to the area.

  • Wwoofing

Guita is also “wwoofing” friendly. To learn more about wwoofing, click here. To learn more about woofing opportunities at Guita, please contact them on their facebook page or on the below contacts.

Whether you’re looking to discover rural life, to get closer to nature, to exercise, or simply to relax, Guita is the perfect authentic escape destination for you!

Capacity: 5 rooms, 9 beds.

Outdoor options: Tents in the house garden / outdoor bed.


M: +9613050567