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Anfeh – The Little Greece in the heart of Lebanon.

One of the great things of spending your summer weekends in Batroun is the easy access to the region’s hidden gems, whether by the sea or in the mountainous parts.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to visit Anfeh, a cute little village lying between Chekka-El Hereh and Tripoli. Reaching the town of Anfeh, charming narrow streets scattered with Santorini-like churches welcome you, leading you to where you want to go: “the little Greece”.

Known as “Ta7t el ri7” (“sous le vent”, “under the wind”), the rocky coastline greets you with adorable white and blue “private chalets” that take you straight to Greece.

Welcome to Anforini, the Santorini of Lebanon.





The relaxing mood of the town and the inhabitants’ friendliness welcoming you as you pass by their houses and inviting you in make you fall even more for this paradise “island”. With the cleanest water you can find in Lebanon, rich marine life, natural caves, and delicious fresh fish, you have everything you need to forget the world, for a day at least.


Anfeh under the water
Anfeh under the water
Exploring the caves of Anfeh
Exploring the caves of Anfeh

PS: Did you know? Anfeh owes its name to the nose shape of the village! (“Anf” means nose in Arabic).