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8 Flowery Guesthouses You Can Enjoy this Spring in Lebanon

You know Spring is around the corner as soon as March’s rays of sun feel warmer on your skin, and nature starts to wake up around you. It’s time for that long-overdue roadtrip in the sun, fresh walk in nature, or sunny weekend getaway in Lebanon. Wondering where to go or what outdoor activities to do? Here are seven guesthouse ideas for weekend getaways in Lebanon that offer you the best of Spring in homey and pleasant settings.

Al Haush

Al Haush is an agro tourism project in the Bekaa region of Lebanon. Starting as an agriculture project in 1940, it soon became the summer residence of the Saab family before opening its doors, 60 years later, to people with the same passion and attachment to the land. With acres of lands and vegetation, a small farm, and a sunny terrace, it’s the perfect weekend getaway in Spring, whether with your friends or family. Read all about Al Haush Agro Tourism in my full article.

Book your room in Al Haush here.

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Guita Bed & Bloom

Nestled in the peaceful mountains of Mejdel Akoura is the Bed & Bloom concept of Guita. A summer residence turned into a guesthouse, Guita is the fruit of a family love for soil and agriculture and for sharing the richness of its land with everyone. Surrounded by hectares of green lands and adorned with a wide garden and hand-planted fruits and vegetables, Guita is a serene haven for a relaxing weekend getaway in Lebanon and a great destination to explore the region of Akoura and its many outdoor activities. For more info, read my full article about Guita Bed & Bloom.

Book your room in Guita here.

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Beit Douma

Perched in the beautiful village of Douma, Beit Douma is one of the 4 Beits (guesthomes) of Souk el Tayeb. Reflecting the splendid cachet of Douma’s traditional architecture, Beit Douma welcomes guests in the “flowery” space of its renovated interior (you will find fresh flowers everywhere and on every table, every day of the year), five gorgeous rooms, a terrace, and a cozy garden to make your weekend getaway as spring-like as ever. Read my full article about Douma and Beit Douma.

Book your room in Beit Douma here.

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Beit el Qamar

Another member of the Beit Souk el Tayeb family, Beit el Qamar enjoys the same homey and warm signature of all the Beit guesthomes. Here, it’s literally spring in every season. A burst of fresh flowers welcomes you in every room, vintage frames on the walls, books on the shelves, and a lovely garden where breakfast and lunch are served in a wonderful setting. Beit el Qamar is the perfect destination to complete a weekend getaway in Chouf. Read here how you can enjoy a weekend getaway in Chouf, Lebanon.

Book your room in Beit el Qamar here.

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Beyt el Jabal

Beyt el Jabal is another great guesthouse destination to explore the typical village of Deir el Qamar, and the many attractions of Chouf.  Spread over juxtaposed terraces overlooking the green mountains of Chouf, Beyt el Jabal consists of eight rooms and a garden, remodeled and fully decorated to reflect the charm and authenticity of a traditional Lebanese home. Flowers, swinging chairs, books, and warm smiles guarantee to make your stay relaxing and memorable this spring.

Book your room at Beyt el Jabal here.

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La Maison du Bonheur

Lovers of nature, serenity, and fresh air will also delight in a weekend getaway at la Maison du Bonheur in Deir el Qamar. This bed & breakfast offers, from its charming garden, a view over mountains and villages, basking its guests in fragrances of flowers and the organic taste of its fresh produce at breakfast. No better place to enjoy a Spring weekend getaway in Lebanon!

Book your room at La Maison du Bonheur here.

Beit el Wadi

Located in Aabadiyeh, less than an hour from Beirut, Beit el Wadi is a hidden gem welcoming guests amidst hill tops, fruit trees, and evergreen pines. Blending traditional Lebanese architecture with magnificent nature, the bed & breakfast promises an authentic and memorable taste of Lebanese hospitality in the mountains of Lebanon.

Book your weekend getaway in Beit el Wadi here.


Domaine de Chouchene

Named after the “Chouchene” flower (Arabic word for “Iris”), this guesthouse in Qab Elias, Bekaa, is a true walk in the park. Its main beauty lies in the infinite stretch of green around it as if it had its own private forest, not to mention the river crossing the premises of the domain! Everything you need to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing weekend getaway in Lebanon. Read all about it here.

Book your room in Domaine de Chouchene here.

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