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7 Reasons to Visit Sept Winery this Summer

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It’s hot and the beach is too mainstream for you on a summer weekend? It’s probably time for a different kind of relaxing getaway.

What you need is awaiting you in the mountains of Batroun where a new winery has opened its doors to welcome you in its small haven of greenery overlooking gorgeous landscape views that touch the sea.

Welcome to Sept Winery, your next favorite weekend escape, and here’s why:

1- Newest winery in town

If you’re looking for something new and different to do this summer (don’t we all?), you’ll be among the first batch of people to enjoy Sept Winery’s venue, which will officially open its doors this summer 2018 for visitors.

Credits @septwinery

2- Breathtaking views

Let’s talk about the venue. You’ve probably never heard of the village, called Nahla, where the winery is, for many good reasons. The preserved village nestled in the mountains has never been a touristic destination and Sept Winery aims at offering its small groups of visitors the peace, tranquility, and beautiful nature of Nahla (the views are simply gorgeous!).

Sunset view from Sept

3- First biodynamic vineyard

This means that the grapes in Nahla’s vineyard abide by the strict guidelines of natural agriculture: no ploughing, no chemicals, no intervention whatsoever in the vinification process. The land’s equilibrium is respected and worked according to the lunar calendar to guarantee the yielding of a perfect fruit – which leads us to the next point.

Sept vineyard blooming in Spring (credits @septwinery)

4- Natural wines

When the agriculture is natural, the fruit is organic. This is what Sept wines guarantee to the senses: a completely authentic zero-additive taste that recalls the flavors of Nature in their earthy, fruity, and floral aromas, revealing a whole new approach to wine.

Credits @winesanity

5- “Un Vin de Lieu”

What’s also special about Sept wines is that every bottle tells the story of a region in Lebanon. Besides producing wine from his own vineyard, Maher Harb, the winemaker, outsources carefully-selected grapes from different regions across the country with a mission to showcase the rich diversity and exceptional character of the Lebanese soil. With every bottle, you will discover a soil and enjoy its indigenous taste.

Credits @septwinery

6- Table d’hôte

With the aim of creating warm and authentic experiences that reconnect people with nature, Sept Winery completes its “vins de lieu” with terroir foods, inviting its visitors to enjoy an organic lunch in its garden, where homemade bites are married with delicious wines.

Credits @septwinery

7- Homey experience

It’s simple, it’s humble, and it’s home. This is the concept of Sept’s boutique winery: to offer intimate experiences that allow visitors to share the winemaker’s passion, food, wine, and little paradise.

For things to do around the winery, check the hike I wrote about here.

Also note that new hiking trails will be announced soon around the winery.

For a nearby place to spend the night, check no other than Beit Douma, L’Hote Libanais’ family member, only 10 minutes away from Sept Winery.

For your bookings, you can contact Sept Winery on: 

M: 70-570170

F: Sept Winery

Instagram: @septwinery

Website: www.levinsept.com