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11 Free Activities You Can Still Enjoy in Lebanon

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The greatest pleasures in life come for free… only for those who know how to enjoy them. If you take bliss in a simple hike, a relaxing picnic, or a good music concert, you know what I’m talking about. You don’t have to spend money to enjoy a good moment, a reminder that comes handy in the current dire times we are living in Lebanon. Here’s a list I compiled of activities or events you can enjoy for free this month. I hope you’ll find in here something you like!

Beirut Chants

This festival provides “music for everyone in the historical churches and venues in Beirut”. The entrance for the concerts is free. For the full calendar, check the link here.

Souk el Tayeb

Souk el Tayeb is an open-air farmer’s market held every Saturday and Wednesday, in Beirut Souks and Gefinor respectively. If you don’t want to shop the different products sold there, you can always enjoy strolling in the market on a sunny day with friends or family.

Classical Concerts every Friday

If you’re a fan of classical music, you can enjoy a free concert every Friday at the St. Joseph Church in Monot, whether by the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra or other international ones.

BAFF Art Film Festival

Despite the challenging times the country is living, the 5th edition of the festival was launched against all odds. From 5 to 13 December, 12 documentaries will be screened at the American University of Beirut – Bathish Auditorium, with free access for all.

After December 13, more BAFF weeks to come at:

Saint-Joseph University, all campuses

Lebanese American University

Holly Spirit University Kaslik

University of Balamand / ALBA

Beirut Arab University

Haigazian University

Université Antonine

AUB Events

Apart from the BAFF Art Film Festival, the American University of Beirut holds weekly academic and cultural events, some of which are free and you can check on this link!

Free Walking Tours Beirut

This company provides free walking tours around Beirut, a nice way to enjoy some time in the city while learning about it – for free! For more info, check their website here.

Museum and Art Exhibitions

Needless to remind you that any museum or gallery art exhibition is free in Lebanon. If there’s only art that soothes the soul in these difficult times, then let it be! For a list of the top museums in Lebanon, check my article here.

Outdoor Activities

If there’s one thing left that is not taxable, corrupt, or might cause cancer, it is nature. With the beautiful mountains we’re blessed with, we have no excuse not to enjoy the wide array of possible outdoor – free – activities, from hiking, to cycling, or a simple picnic under a tree.

Stand-Up Comedy at Metro al Madina

Inspired by the revolution among other things, this comedy show at Metro al Madina will put a smile on your face and lift your spirits. The deal is “pay what you want”. Keep an eye on Metro’s website for the next performance!

Les Musicales de Notre Dame

Another initiative that believes in free music for all and sharing the festive spirit of Christmas is the festival of “Les Musicales de Notre Dame”. Held in the historical church of Our Lady of Dormition in the Saifi village, the festival holds 4 nights of classical music on December 11, 14, 19, and 21. All concerts are free and start at 7pm. for more info, contact 03047756.

Thawra Activities

Last but not least, let’s not forget the continuous daily initiatives happening in line with the current Lebanese revolution in which you can participate for free. From marches to talks, donation initiatives, charity fundraiser events, and more, your directory can be found on Instagram account @daleelthawra.


This list was compiled with Beirut Bright Side. Share if you like!