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10 Things Only Free Spirits Would Understand.

free spirit-notesofatraveler

  1. You love to walk barefoot or simply “bare”. It always felt more natural for you, and in your head, connected you better with the earth underneath your feet.
  2. You don’t wear a watch. Because you don’t feel the need to. Your days are measured by sunrises and sunsets, by the nice moments you live, the new adventures that knock on your door, and the interesting encounters you make.
  3. You hate going to malls, especially when on vacation. It’s a total waste of your time while you could be sipping your coffee on a beautiful terrace, exploring the streets of a new city, or lying down in some park.
  4. You find your happiness in free pleasures. Walking barefoot on the sand with a coffee in your hand or reading your book in your favorite outdoor spot are worth far more than any fancy dinner or piece of jewelry. You often wonder why people are so taken by “worldly” matters while the most precious things in life are totally free.
  5. Your solitude is sacred. Spending time away from your family, your friends, and life’s obligations is more than crucial for you. You need that time to reflect, detox and recharge and you usually love to spend it in nature or maybe alone in your room.
  6. Safe is boring. For you, every day is a new opportunity to take risks and explore the world’s beauty. You cannot content yourself with the comfort zone you’re living in; the best way to really live is to go out there and reach for every new experience that’ll make you stronger and wiser.
  7. You’re in love with places you’ve never been to and people you haven’t met. You have a constant craving to wander somewhere new. You dream about places you haven’t visited yet and all you can think about is the next escape where you can get lost amidst unknown streets and unfamiliar faces.
  8. Traveling is priority. Every time you’re about to spend money on an expensive piece of cloth, you think about this plane ticket you’re wasting away and this new escape you’re missing out on.
  9. You’re all about peace and love. Tension is really not your thing; you spend your time wondering how people can argue over things that seem so trivial for you. You’re cool and easy going with everyone, and you love to see people around you happy.
  10. You don’t give a sh*t about what people think. You know you are different but you’ve never made an effort to stand out. You love the way you are and the way you live because you know you are true to yourself and to your beliefs, and you’re not waiting to please anyone around you. You’re wild and free and you only follow your heart, and the things that make you feel alive.